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If You Really Want to Sell More LASIK, You Need a Marketing Flywheel…Here’s Why, What and How

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Everybody knows you need a LASIK funnel.  They're everywhere! 

Here's the bad news - Funnels are required but insufficient.  

Every funnel I see is a straight-through process starting with TOF (Top of Funnel) step where they first learn of your practice and what your LASIK patient experience is like. This is followed by the MOF (Middle of Funnel) step where they learn about your solutions and reputation and decide whether to keep shopping or not.  Lastly they move into the BOF (Bottom of Funnel) step where they call or click and make an eval appointment.

There is something very mediocre about this approach.  Read this detailed discussion of what you need to do instead of a one-size fits all LASIK funnel.

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FREE LASIK Lead Magnet (Value $750) – Take This First Step In Building A Prospect Lead Capture Funnel

One of the first LASIK funnels you'll need offers a lead magnet.  Lead magnets engage site and social visitors who are not quite ready to call or click and set an eval appointment. This type of funnel is a "Top Funnel" and its purpose is to educate prospects as it builds trust and authority.  This free offer is our lead magnet. It is the PDF shown above and it's personalized with your contact info.  We recommend you build a lead capture funnel around it. 

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